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For the Dermasphere Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon e Avesani Monument Run Hoka t-shirts have wings.

There are wings on the back of the Hoka T-shirt, they match the medal inspired by the God Mercury. Yellow and Blue like the colors of Verona for the half marathon athletes and colorful for the competitive and non-competitive 10k

VERONA - Less than a month to the appointment that will bring a river of joy to the city of Verona thanks to the peaceful invasion of thousands of runners in search of fun and emotions thanks to Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon and Avesani Monument Run 10k competitive and non-competitive, in program Sunday 1st May.

The event is organized by Asd Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona and represents one of the most popular running events in the country as well as being labeled Gold Label by Fidal.

THE T-SHIRT - Team that wins does not change and after the partnership born in November 2021 with the Verona marathon, Hoka confirms the collaboration with Asd Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon becoming techincal sponsor of the Dermpasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon and thus signs the T-shirts that all athletes will find free in the race pack. As always, these are high-quality, lightweight, breathable and anti-chafing technical garments.

THE WINGS - The athletes registered in the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon will remember the participation wearing the yellow-blue T-shirt, the colors of Verona, which increase in shades according to an order of parallel transversal bands until they touch the shades of black and which converge in a captivating weave that is also repeated on the back and on the sleeves. On the front the logo and the name of the race while the back is further embellished by the decorations in the shape of wings, designed to match the medal, inspired by the God Mercury. The graphics are completed by the inscription “With wings on my feet, I fly to Verona”, an auspicious message for the full enjoyment of the event.

10K - The graphic structure of the T-shirt dedicated to the participants of the Avesani Monument Run 10k can be overlapped although the colors start from blue which degrades to shades of pink and then crosses yellow.

REGISTRATION - Registrations are open online on the official website. Discover the solidarity project with the charity partner “At home away from home”.

It should be noted that due to the easing of Covid19 restrictions, it will be possible to collect the bib and race pack also on Sunday 1 May 2022, from 6.00 to 7.30 for those enrolled in the Half Marathon and from 7.30 to 8.30 for those enrolled in the 10k, only for 'regular' members, it will not be possible to regularize their registration and it will not be possible to withdraw their bib in case of NON-REGULAR status of their registration.

Residents in the province of Verona will be able to collect the bib only and exclusively on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April.


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