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Train & Run, run the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo with Coach Dario Meneghini's workout table

Press release of February 1, 2022

Coach Dario Meneghini - RunningDream follows the preparation of the athletes enrolled in the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon.

Ten weeks of training, two webinars and lots of tips to bring to the race on Sunday May 1st.

VERONA - Three months to go, reads the counter on the site of the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon and Avesani Monument Run, the latter to be performed in both competitive and non-competitive versions.

Event scheduled for Sunday May 1st, after the repositioning, due to the spread of infections from Covid19, of the original and usual date of 13 February.

Organized by Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon Asd in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona, the collaboration of great technical profile and great success with Coach Dario Meneghini - RunningDream is confirmed today, who often contributed to the realization of group training and last June in directly follow the preparation of dozens of runners.


Running Dream is the training program curated by coach Dario Meneghini who since 2013 has been dealing with functional assessment tests, group training, running stages in various locations and athletic training with customized programs for runners of all levels.

Vicentino, born in 1986, Dario Meneghini graduated in Motor Sciences, with a 2nd level Master in Physical activity and health and, in addition to being a brilliant coach, has at heart the message that sport is ideal for achieving a state of well-being psycho-physical-emotional.


From the great professional experience and the proximity of Coach Dario Meneghini with Gaac 2007 Verona Marathon Asd was born the special Train & Run promo, thanks to which all those who register from February 1st to Feb 12th at the Dermasphere Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon using the promo code ALLENAMENTIGRHM they will receive, at no additional cost, full training support.


All athletes who use the free code will be able to access the training table designed for the different levels: novice, intermediate and expert.

For a total of 10 weeks, or 2 tables of 5 weeks starting from February 14, to which will be added the advice of coach Dario Meneghini who will also hold two theoretical live webinars.


Registrations are open online on the official website.

All those registered for the Dermasphere Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon and the Avesani Monument Run 10k before the date change are automatically registered for Sunday 1st May.

If someone is unable to participate there will be the possibility to move their registration to Sunday 12 February 2023, for free. (by filling out this form until 02/28/2022).

Cesare Monetti

Official Press Office Verona Marathon Eventi


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