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Verona Marathon changes style!

Verona Run Events is born: Run is the new keyword

The usual organizational quality, but new denominations and logos,

Verona Marathon events transform and change style with a Run that makes the difference.

VERONA – Spring heralds an important novelty for the sports association G.a.a.c. 2007 Veronamarathon A.S.D., which has always been involved in the organization and promotion of the most important running events in the city of Verona which attract over 25,000 people. Starting from the next event, the Verona Marathon on November 19, the names and logos will be new, a change and renewal of style that took place thanks to the collaboration with the communication and web marketing agency Nexidia, while the professionalism and organizational quality will remain internationally recognized.

President of Gaac Verona Marathon A.S.D. Stefano Stanzial:

“When we started it was a journey to remember a dear friend, Dario Bergamini, and out of passion. Now we bring 25-30 thousand people to Verona a year thanks to the various events, marathon in November, Santa Claus race in December and half marathon in February, which we organize in the beautiful city of Verona. We would like to start a journey to have the World Athletics label, a very important recognition that will lead Romeo & Juliet into the top ten of European half marathons"..

VERONA RUN EVENTS – The new name already tells the desire of the organizers of Gaac 2007 Veronamarathon Asd who think of all the running events in Verona. All the competitions of the year will be collected in the new progenitor denomination Verona Run Events. The word RUN will be the constant in all event names. Run because it is a term without borders, international, just like the thousands of runners who will come to visit and discover Verona in the coming years. Run because Verona can and must run in every sector, Run because it is synonymous with well-being, happiness, freedom of action and spirit, environmental sustainability.

The new website for all the competitions will be

NOVEMBER 19th 2023 - VERONA RUN MARATHON – The international event that will take place on November 19th will from now on be called Verona Run Marathon 42k/21k/10k and this year will host the Italian Marathon Championship Fidal Assoluto and Master, a opportunity to witness a great challenge between the best Italian athletes together with thousands of international athletes from over 60 countries around the world. What makes the event special is certainly the journey inside a city whose center is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site and which helps to attract many foreigners. Departure and arrival in the suggestive Piazza Bra, right in front of the Arena amphitheater.

The event will welcome around 10,000 participants thanks to the concomitant offer of other distances, both in a competitive and non-competitive form. The Cangrande Half Marathon will become Verona Run Marathon 21k and the Last 10k will take on the name of Verona Run Marathon 10k

The logos also change, Verona Run Marathon 42k/21k/10k is told by a running shoe that conquers the Arena in a run, the identity of the city of Verona is confirmed in the blue and yellow colors, assigned to the half marathon distances , respectively, while the 10km is green.

DECEMBER 17, 2023 - VERONA CHRISTMAS RUN – The new name and official logo becomes Verona Christmas Run 5 and 10k and is identified by the Christmas star that decorates the square of the Arena and the red and gray Christmas colors, respectively for the distances 10k and 5km . As always, the magic of Christmas will be shared with over 5 thousand participants, a river of runners dressed as Santa Claus, an unmissable event for families and friends. Sports, music and good food to spend a great party in good company. Appointment on Sunday 17 December. Santa Claus crossing the streets of the historic center in a path of 5 or 10km of your choice.

FEBRUARY 11, 2024 - ROMEO&GIULIETTA RUN HALF MARATHON – The name Giulietta&Romeo half marathon is replaced by a wider and more international Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21k/10+11k/5k with a stylized logo in a double heart that envelops the Arena, purple and fuchsia to identify the half marathon and 11+10k relay distances, green for the 5km family.

The appointment with the half marathon for lovers is for Sunday 11 February 2024, Valentine's weekend in the city of love, coincidences that allow the Romeo & Juliet Run Half Marathon 21k to be among the most attended half marathons in Italy, currently in second place for number of finishers, second only to the RomaOstia Half Marathon.

In 2024 the DUO relay will return, suspended in the Covid era and replaced with a 10km both competitive and non-competitive, which becomes Romeo & Juliet Run 10 + 11k, much appreciated precisely for the possibility of running the half marathon route in pairs in the city of lovers. In the last two years, with a view to making the event accessible to everyone, the organizers had flanked the main race with a 10km race as a replacement.

For 2024, the organizers are also working on the Romeo&Giulietta Run 5k, a run or walk for the whole family.

Registration for the Romeo&Giulietta Run Half Marathon 21k will open on Tuesday 28 March, the introductory rate of € 20.00 will be active until 9 April.


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